Technical Integration

The PRM Group’s in-house development team has extensive knowledge of working with government and non-government organisations to integrate DVS, police checks and a wide variety of verification of identity services into systems and processes.

This approach does result in significant reductions in data entry, provide organisations with greater flexibility, improved data analytics, reduced costs and of course returns valuable time to staff.

Our custom built restful Police Check API allows us to easily integrate with any third party platform, including HR systems. Integrating with our API means you will never have to leave your own internal systems to manage your checks again.

Our Police Check API allows you to easily:

  • Start a Police Check
  • Check on the status of a check at anytime
  • Download Certificates
  • Retrieve Customised Reports

Our DVS API allows you to easily:

  • Check a wide range of Government issued Documents including (Driver Licences, Passports, Medicare Cards, Australian Citizenship Certificates) in real-time
  • Download Certificates

Please speak to us on how we can help your business streamline your Identity Verifications or Police Checks.

The PRM Group’s in-house development team can work with organisations on projects involving SAP, B2B, Web APIs, Web Development, Data Encryption and many others.

User Accounts

The PRM Group system is a flexible roles and permissions based system, which allows user levels to be set appropriately for individual organisations.

The online system is colour coded to provide immediate identification of individual checks and the system contains a wide variety of search features.

Corporate Dashboard

A corporate account includes a ‘dashboard’ that allows users to view the status of checks in real time. The dashboard provides full visibility over all checks throughout the process, from submission to closure.

As soon as check results are received we provide authorized users with an email alert allowing them to take the appropriate action.


The PRM Group national police check client portal is a fully digital, online system and therefore fully auditable to support compliance needs. The extraction of client data is extremely easy and fast and this allows The PRM Group to provide clients with tailored reports in a variety of formats

Importing data to Accounting Packages

The PRM Group’s digital, online system allows for the easy extraction of monthly invoicing data. Once exported the data is compatible with importing into a wide variety of the accounting packages available, for example MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero & Sage One to name a few. This compatibility removes a considerable amount of data entry and the likelihood of errors associated with manual entry.