Information For Pharmacies

Over 1500 Australian pharmacies have joined the PharmacyID network. Trusted by Australian Commonwealth, State and local government, companies and organisations, it is the most secure system of identity verification in Australia.

Easy to set up, learn and use, it enables pharmacists to:

  • Establish a new revenue stream that scales rapidly with little or no investment from the pharmacy business.
  • No membership or joining fees.
  • Enjoy increased foot traffic from consumers.
  • Retain a position of trust in the local community.
  • Participate in a national pharmacy network to provide identity services regardless of brand alliance or membership.

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It’s easy to take advantage of the Pharmacy ID system:

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PharmacyID supports pharmacies by building the referral network, public education campaigns to highlight the risks of identity theft and consumer marketing.

The PharmacyID platform will continue to introduce new applications and integrate new technology over time.

Joining our network will create a strong and powerful identity service for consumers right across Australia.

Apart from providing you with income for services that you currently provide for free, we will also be able to drive foot traffic into your pharmacy.

Each year more than 3 million people have police checks completed and we want as many of these to come to their local pharmacy as possible. As available services expand throughout the network we expect more and more Australians to identify their local pharmacy as the ‘go to’ place for identity services. Higher levels of checks will attract higher remuneration.

The service works like a dream. My staff and our clients are very happy with the program.

Peter Curkovic
Pharmacy Manager, VIC