Why do I need employment screening?

The Pre-employment screening processes goes beyond the standard interview process used by recruitment companies. Pre Employment Screening draws on extensive resources and systems that are designed to uncover the factual information that a company requires to make an informed decision about the suitability of a candidate during the hiring process. Like any investigation, the more information obtained and evaluated, the greater the chance of reaching the correct decision to employ a particular candidate for a role.

In The PRM Group’s experience, it is estimated up to 25% of job seekers are intentionally misleading in their applications to obtain employment. Can a prospective employer trust a candidate if that job seeker has lied, even prior to the commencement of their employment? The PRM Group possesses robust proven systems to assist in uncovering potentially untruthful information supplied by candidates. The PRM Group assists in protecting your company from candidates who may present deceptive information during the recruitment process thereby potentially damaging your organisation.

The PRM Group staff are trained in the analysis of information received rather than simply accepting the information on face value. Unlike recruitment companies, The PRM Group possesses no financial interest in the candidate placement process and therefore only supplies verified facts for you to make an informed decisions about the suitability of the candidate for a role. The benefits of rigorous employment screening includes:

  • The PRM Group has no financial interest to gain in the placement of candidates, providing an unbiased and independent candidate report based on facts.
  • In hiring the right staff in the first instance it has the potential to reduce staff turnover and associated hiring costs to your organisation.
  • Avoids the potential for "negligent hiring" claims by your insurance company and satisfy best practice compliance issues  to Australian Standards (AS-4811-2006).
  • Reducing the risk of fraud, theft and professional misconduct within your organisation.
  • Protect your organisation by reducing your reputational risk.